IAS Devotional Pune Pandharpur Pune Cycle War 2022



Day 1 Route Map wirh Hydration and Food Points

Day 1 google map Route https://goo.gl/maps/zVj1ajMqESApV8vB7 

Online Darshan Pass Booking

Please note there will be huge crowd of pilgrim in pandharpur on 18/19, so we would advise everyone go for Kalash darshan or Mukh darshan.

On 18th june evening , participants will not get time  Go for 19th early morning.

Two way members go for kalash or mukh darshan only as darshan wari queue will take 4 to 5hrs atleast.

Here is online Darshan Pass Booking, take printout. ( Mobiles Phones not allowed inside temple )


Day 2 Route Map wirh Hydration and Food Points


Emergency Number given is for medical emergency only, and for any major cycle break down. Ride in one line on the left side of road for your own safety 

Please don’t call given emergency number for small issues like Puncture etc., take help of fellow cyclists for minor issues . Help each other as this isn’t race and enjoy riding.

Don't forget to carry puncture kit, extra tube and other small repair items with you. 

Our backup Truck and car will be always behind the last group of cyclist. In case of breakdown If you are taking rest in any of the hotels on route. Kindly make sure to keep cycle out and visible to support backup vehicle. So that you’ll be picked up on the way and not missed.

Best wishes and happy riding  

Jai Hari Vitthal

IAS Guidelines for Cyclists

Dear Cycle Warkaris,
We are all set for an epic cycle ride of our own. Glad to let you know that we cycle warkaris will be joining hands in large numbers. Pertaining to the Covid conditions previous years we have been conducting Virtual Waris for our members. This year the response has been overwhelming. We have already crossed this benchmark and the magic number is growing every moment. With more and more riders on the road, it is our responsibility to contribute and make it a success for ourselves as well as others. Sharing a few tips that will always help you ride Easy, Better and Safer. Do try and practice these.

Following these tips will help you contribute to this one and only Devotional ride of the country. Let us all make it a grand success.

1. Safeguard your head. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all cycling casualties every year. Many of these could be avoided if everyone wears a helmet while cycling. Always wear a helmet when riding and make sure your kids do as well. To promote safe cycling, you can always share your Strava posts with a picture wearing a helmet.
2. Pamper your ride. Don't be shy to pamper your bike. Have her serviced & ready well before wari. Do make sure you have a couple of rides after service and before wari, to make sure everything is running smooth. Please add two bottle cages to your bike.
3. The Perfect bike fit. Having your bike set up to fit your body will make riding much easier, efficient and cost you much less pain and soreness during and after the ride. With a proper bike fit you will be able to enjoy the sport to a greater extent.
4. The right sweet saddle. Getting your bike equipped with the right saddle will make a huge difference when riding. Don't believe that thickest padding will give you the most comfortable ride. A longer seat with a cutout will generally be the best type of saddle. Make sure you go through reviews online and find out what available, and then test ride a few before you make your choice.
5. Padded Shorts. It's better to wear Gel padded cycling shorts. In case you are uncomfortable wearing the skinny ones you can opt for Gel padded undergarments with track pants (Narrow fit, breathable, Dri fit/Active). Such track pants are easily available at the local stores around.
6. Always Stay Seen. Use Headlamps and tail lamps without fail. Also, it’s advised to wear a reflector jacket throughout the ride.
7. Cadence training. It's an inappropriate belief that pedalling in high gears is better for legs. Pedalling in high gears puts added strain on your knees. Avoid pedalling in high gear for extended periods of time. You need to try and keep your cadence between 70 and 90 rpms. Cadence training will help you attain better average speeds.
8. Use your gears wisely. When climbing elevations shift into a gear that will keep your cadence in the right range of rpm's so you can make it up to the top without putting undue stress on your knees. Thus, you conserve the precious energy. Make sure you time your gear shift correctly.

9. Shift positions. Different positions add up to different comfort levels. Make sure you don't stiff yourself in one position. Keep changing - Move your hands around on the bars and move your rear end around on the saddle. This will keep your hands, arms, and bums from getting numb due to prolonged time in a given position. Occasionally you may try pedalling by standing over the pedals (for a couple of seconds), this will help ease and relax your glutes. 
10. Strict NO to headphones/earphones. Riding with these toys over/in your ears can be extremely dangerous and fatal. You Need to be alert and hear all the emergency calls and other commotion around you. If you love to have music, try and get a small clipon speaker that can be attached to your jersey, etc. Worst case wear it in left ear only.
11. Following the Rules and Ethics. Don't forget we are riding with traffic and ensure we follow all road signs and unsaid protocols. Learn to read the traffic in front of you and try to anticipate what and how the cars/bikes/fellow riders etc. are going to do. Accordingly, be ready to make your moves.
12. Head stays high up. Look out in front far enough ahead so you can react to any obstacles in the road and the vehicles in front of you.
13. Rear view Mirrors Must. Try and build up a habit to read the traffic behind you.This is possible only with the rear-view mirrors (preferably both). The prove to be of great help in the city traffic as well as over the Highways. Don't be shy to have them on your roadie as well.
14. Keep to your Left. Always keep to your left while riding. At the same time maintain a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet from the edge of the road. This will help you maintain balance in case anybody comes to kiss you from the right.
15. Wrong Siders. Stay alert for the wrong Siders (Tractors, Trucks, Cars, Bikes, Bullock carts).
16. Carry your own tool kit (Puncture repair kit with portable pump). Hands on experience with fixing a puncture is a must.
17. First Aid Kit IAS will provide required route support. However, it's advisable to Carry a minimal first aid kit, along with basic nutrition for an emergency.
18. Always Carry 2 litres of water with you (preferably over the two bottle cages and not in the backpack). Do not forget to top up at the hydration points (or anywhere you find is the best place for it).
19. Ride in groups, but in single line . Strict no to riding parallelly.
20. Most Important. IAS is committed to connecting people for Health, Happiness, and Environment. At IAS we believe in moving the distance together with Fun filled tempo. FOR THE SAME


Thanks and Regards
Team IAS
Any Queries please contact iassocietyindia@gmail.com