Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Indo Athletic Society–

Please find few rules of our group –

  •  Refrain from posting unnecessary things if the group is meant to Sports Activates/Events.
  •  Please don’t change/edit group Icon & name, all rights reserved at IAS core committee
  •  Post daily GPS Tracker updates and post max. 2 photographs of Activities /event ( if you click at any event or any place )
  •  Don’t Post Moral stories/RIP messages/jokes/quotes or any other irrelevant things also don’t spam with unnecessary chains and forward messages.
  •  Refrain from chatting with a single person.
  •  Avoid posting old sports achievements like posting photos of event held before 5 or 10 yrs.
  •  Never begin a topic that would hurt religious or cultural sentiments.
  •  Don’t make fun of anyone & don’t exhibit rude behavior or snap at anyone
  •  Actively participate in the group & don’t leave the group often.
  •  Don’t argue over silly matters, No fighting (cursing and swearing), No bad pictures.
  •  NEVER be racist, no warnings for this abuse.
  •  No post / discussion in between 11PM to 4AM
  •  Ask relevant questions related to GPS tracker / event related / Sport devices etc.
  •  Give like & inspiring comments to others daily activity updates, Inspire him/her to achieve next target.
  •  IAS is NGO so don’t use this group to promote your business / Product. Don’t promote paid event / Training too…if you wants to promote anything event/training which is free of cost just circulate it to any admin. He will discuss with core team and promote.
  •  This group is having strong decision making core working committee so if you have any questions/specific comments please pass to any admin of group we all core members are bounded to resolve it as early as possible.
  •  Need your cooperation friends….Wish you a Happy Cycling /Running /Swimming  (Not but the least kindly keep this group on mute mode as they are many GPS tracker update by group members)

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